Children’s Case Coordination

What is Children’s Case Coordination?

Children’s Case Coordination works together with other agencies to help children, youth and their families in York Region who have very complex social, emotional, developmental, and/or physical needs and who need a coordinated service plan.

Who we serve

Children and youth (between 0—19 years of age) and families who live in York Region, and are currently involved with service providers in York Region. The child or youth has complex social, emotional, developmental and/or physical service needs.

When to Refer

How to Refer

The lead agency is encouraged to make the referral to the program on behalf of the child/youth/family; Parents, professionals or agencies with informed consent, can contact CCC for services. Involvement with the program is voluntary and confidential.

Referrals are made to:

Children’s Case Co-ordination Services for York Region

240 Edward Street, Unit 3
Aurora, ON
​L4G 3S9

Phone: 905 830 0228
Toll Free: 1 866 488 2813
Fax: 905 898 1171