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The Government of Ontario funds numerous community agencies that offer people living with a developmental disability different levels of services and supports for housing, community participation, and one-on-one support. The DSO CER helps you gain access to these types of supports within your community.

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Housing Services and Supports

The Government of Ontario funds community agencies that offer people with developmental disabilities places to live. Some of the housing options include:

Group Homes and Group Living Supports

Supported Independent Living/Individual Living Supports

Host Family Home/Associate Living Supports

Community Participation Supports

For adults looking to connect to their community through meaningful experiences that promote their personal interests, skills, growth and development, the Government of Ontario funds agencies providing Community Participation Supports. 

Agencies provide support for:

Structured programs are generally offered during the day in a group setting, and typically operate Monday through Friday. 

To access Passport Funding for community participation services and supports in your area, please following the links below:

York Region—York Support Services Network

Simcoe County—Catulpa Community Support Services

Durham, Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland, Peterborough—Tri-County Community Support Services

Specialized Support

The Government of Ontario funds agencies who provide specialized support, through support workers and case management services to help people and their families plan for the services needed to support the person, as well as, connect them with services available within the community.

Adult Protective Service Worker

Meets regularly with an adult who has a developmental disability who lives on their own to help:

In some communities, Adult Protective Service Workers have different titles, such as Service Coordinator or Adult Support Worker.

Behavioural  Services

This service is determined by evaluation of needs and may be provided through individual and/or group support.  Behavioural Consultation Services provides the following:

Case Management Services

These services are provided on a short-term basis by a Case Manager who works with individuals and/or their families to coordinate formal and informal services to meet the person's unique goals.

The DSO CER makes referrals to York Support Services Network for case management services in York Region. Other transfer payment agencies may offer this service on an informal basis but the DSO CER does not make referrals to these informal services.

Family Peer Mentor Support Services 

FamilyPeer Mentors provide emotional support and resources for family caregivers caring for a child or adult with autism or a developmental disability.

Family Peer Mentors can help you, the caregiver, by:

To connect with a Family Peer Mentor please call 905-898-6455 or 1-866-257-9776 ext. 2349 or ext. 2213

Person-Directed Planning

Person-directed planning helps a person with a developmental disability to develop a plan to live their dreams and meet their goals.

It can help people to:

  • define a vision of their future life,
  • identify their strengths and gifts,
  • set goals and make choices,
  • find ways to participate in their communities,
  • locate people who can help them achieve their dreams.

A community agency can provide this kind of support, or families and people with developmental disabilities may want to use the funding they receive to pay for supports they choose themselves.


Caregiver Respite

Respite services give primary caregivers a temporary break from the routine of providing care to a family member with a disability. These services can be provided in different way, some people receive funding to choose and pay for their own respite support while others choose to use a respite program where the person supported can stay for a short period of time outside of the family home.

You can find information on different respite programs available near you or find a respite worker by visiting

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