Our Board of Directors

How We Are Governed

York Support Service Network is a not-for-profit charitable organization, incorporated since 1982. YSSN is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. The Board follows a policy model of governance and includes, within its key tasks and commitments:

The Board constitutes itself in a way that ensures a broad representation of the community we serve, including members who are:

YSSN’S Board Members 2019-2020

Ursula Rehdner – Chair
Brad Smith – Treasurer
Lois Alderson-Wigelius
Sarah Butterworth
Susan Dobson
Roslyn Gamble
Penny Hubbert 
Bryan Laviolette
Heather Meikle
Michelle Song
Lisa Weekes

If you may be interested in exploring membership on YSSN’s Board of Directors or have any questions about our Board, please feel free to contact us at contact@yssn.ca.