Passport Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked Passport Program questions and answers that will help you find the information you need.

New Passport Funding Q&A

For the first time, every eligible adult in the province with a developmental disability, including youth turning 18 and transitioning to adult services, will get at least $5,000 a year in direct funding through Passport to assist them in participating in their community and provide respite for their caregivers. Here are some Q&As related to this investment that will help answer some of your questions.

Q: I am new to the adult developmental services sector. How do I receive Passport funding?
A: To be deemed eligible for adult developmental services and supports, contact your local Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) office. They will ask you questions to confirm eligibility. Being eligible means;
You have a developmental disability 
You live in Ontario
You are 18 years or older. (You can confirm eligibility once you are 16 years old, but you will not get linked to services to until you are 18 years old.)
Q: Once I am deemed eligible by the DSO, how will I know if am approved for my $5000?
A: Once your local DSO has confirmed you are eligible for ministry funded adult services and supports, you will receive a letter from the DSO confirming your eligibility in writing. This letter will provide further information about how to receive the Passport funding available to you.
Q: I am on the waitlist - when will I receive my $5,000?
A: Your Passport Coordinator will contact people who are eligible to receive a Passport approval.
Q: I currently receive less than $5,000 in Passport funding – will I be receiving a top-up?
A: People who receive less than $5,000 in Passport funding will receive a top-up to bring them to $5,000. Your Passport Coordinator will be contacting you shortly after the budget process is completed.
Q: I am already eligible, can I spend the $5,000 now?
A: No, Passport recipients will be required to sign a funding agreement with YSSN in order for reimbursements to be approved. 
Q: What if I need more than $5,000?
A: The Ministry is giving a minimum allocation of $5,000. You are encouraged to complete the application package at your local Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) office, as you may be eligible for additional ministry-funded services and supports. Once your needs have been fully assessed by your local DSO, additional funding may be provided as it becomes available. 
Q: How will I be contacted? Or can I contact YSSN?
A: Your Passport Coordinator will contact people who are eligible to receive a Passport approval.
Q: When will I start receiving my $5,000?
A: After you are contacted by YSSN to receive a Passport approval, you will receive additional details about the Passport program and how funds are administered. 

General Passport Q&A's

Q: How is the amount of funding determined for each person?

A: MCSS provides all Passport Agencies in Ontario with a standardized tool to determine the amount of eligible funding based on each person’s behavioural needs, medical needs, current supports, and if applicable the caregiver’s concerns and needs.

Q: If I do not use all of my Passport funding this year can it be carried forward?

A: No. Passport funding cannot be carried over or saved for another year.

Q: Do I need to renew my funding each year?

A: No. Passport funding does not require you to renew annually.

Q: When does my approved funding amount renew?

A: It renews every April 1st, and runs for twelve months from April 1, of the current year until March 31, of the next year (e.g. April 1, 2016, to March 31, 2017). 

Q: How do I apply for an increase in Passport funding?

A: All requests for new or increased funding are processed through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) Central East Region. Please contact them at 905.953.0796 or 1.855.277.2121, TTY 905.898.1609.

Q: Can someone help me find services in my community?

A: Yes. Your Passport Coordinator can help you connect with services and supports related to your Passport funding.

Q: If I choose direct funding, do I have to submit invoices every month?

A: Yes. You can submit more than once per month, but monthly invoice submission is required.

Q: What's the deadline for submitting my invoices?

A: Invoices are due on the 10th of every month.

Q: Why do all my invoices have to be submitted by April 10?

A: Since the approved funding amount renews every April 1, we require that all invoices be submitted by April 10 of the current year in order to be reimbursed for services that took place before March 31.

Q: Will using Passport funding affect my ODSP?

A: No.  Passport is not considered income, it will not affect your ODSP.

Q: How long will it take for my invoices to be processed?

A: Please allow 30 business days for payment from the date received in our office.

Q: What happens if a Passport recipient is involved with the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT)?

A: If the OPGT is the substitute decision maker/guardian, they will be notified by Passport and work with you and your supports, to determine the best possible way to administer your Passport funds. In some cases, families or trustees may continue to administer the funds.

Q: Can I receive Passport service in a language other than English?

A; Yes! The Passport office provides service in French as well as additional languages depending on our staff team. 

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