Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will I have to wait to receive service(s)?

We are unable to provide exact wait times as they are based on programs and their availability. Once you are confirmed eligible you will be placed on a wait list for the services you have applied for.

Q: Can I apply for multiple services?

Yes. Eligibility for services will be determined once you apply and your needs will be accessed once you are referred to other programs. 

Q: Is this a voluntary service?

Yes. The person must agree to the service.

Q: If I'm applying for services for someone, other than myself, would you need their consent?

Yes. You can submit an application without the person's consent, but a person must agree to the service before being placed on the wait list. Also, you must indicate on the application that it is being submitted without the person's consent. An access worker would follow up with the person to confirm their consent.

Q: Can I apply for service if I live outside of York Region/South Simcoe?

Yes. If you live outside of  the service Regions you may apply for services if you are planning on moving to the area within the next 3 months. However, you will not receive service until you are living within York Region or South Simcoe.

Q: What type of housing am I applying for?

Housing is for people with a mental illness and/or addictions who need support to live independently. Units are shared accommodation, are found throughout York Region, and are staff supported. The intensity of support may vary depending on your needs.

Q: Do you have immediate/emergency services?

If you need immediate mental health support, please call 1.855.310.COPE (2673) or your local emergency services. If you need immediate shelter please contact your local emergency shelter.

If you are already receiving services through Streamlined Access, you may be eligible for short-term support (30-60 days) depending on your circumstances. Eligibility is determined when your situation is accessed or when you are referred to this service.


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