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This mental health support awareness campaign, featuring people with lived-experience and YSSN staff, aims to raise awareness around local supports available to people in crisis or who need help connecting to mental health and addictions services. 

Each week we will feature a new anonymous story, images, and how you can connect and donate to these local supports.

From hopelessness to where I am today

~a YSSN client

My story

I was in bad shape–drug and alcohol addictions, full of fear and seriously depressed–suicidal thoughts, homeless, no friends, feeling totally hopeless. 

Then I met someone who connected me to York Support Services Network (YSSN). I called and was able to get a case manager.

What I would tell others facing mental health challenges

YSSN helped me go from hopelessness to where I am today which is no comparison–I’ve never been happier in my life than I am today! 

All the agencies and services I was involved with helped me discover who I am and my true potential.  

I went from hating myself and the world to liking myself and being proud of what I have accomplished.  I now feel I belong in this world as a productive member of society.   

My experience with YSSN programs and services

The YSSN case managers I have been assigned to have helped me in the following ways:

Now I'm able to give back

Because of this support I have been able to do facilitation in substance abuse programs NA, AA, and am involved in YSSN’s Up Hub initiative, as well as, the Heart of the Matter Peer Support Group.


Connecting to Services

If you are 16 years of age and older, are struggling with a mental health need and/or addiction, or have a dual diagnosis (mental illness and developmental disability), we can help.

We offer individualized support through our case management, crisis response, and peer support services and can help you connect to community services.  

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Getting Help 

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Eligibility and Applying for Services

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Mental Health
Services and Supports 

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I want to support this campaign!

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