About Us

York Support Services Network is a community-based agency that offers a range of case management and community crisis services, to support individuals with a developmental disability and/or a serious mental illness. YSSN also provides services within the Children’s Services Sector, offering Children’s Case Coordination.

Our Mission

Communicate. Connect. Support.

Our Vision

A Meaningful Life: Relationships, Community, Well-Being.

Our Values: Our beliefs and principles…the framework for deciding how we do things

We focus on customer satisfaction.

Everyone at YSSN has a customer, whether that person is outside or inside the organization. We value our customers and measure their satisfaction to ensure we have it right.We are grounded in certain principles specific to the services we offer. They are choice, individualization, creativity and flexibility. We embrace the idea that YSSN does not have to be the entire answer, but an integrated part of what is collectively available to our external customers.

We trust and respect.

We hold the people we support, and those we work with, in high esteem. We treat everyone we encounter through our work with the same dignity and respect we ourselves expect.

At YSSN we use our best judgement in any situation, and we trust each other to do so, just as we trust the people we support. Integrity is the foundation for trust. We work ethically and honestly, building trusting relationships with people inside and out.

We talk to each other.

We strive for transparency and for being fully informed. While respecting the need for privacy and confidentiality, we engage in open and timely conversations. We encourage constructive feedback because we know it contributes to a positive environment.

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About the services we provide:

  1. Our professional relationships reflect mutual respect and trust and are supportive and connected.
  2. Collaboration and cooperation with those we support, with our service colleagues and with our funders are essential to building capacity and enhancing service delivery.
  3. The privacy of clients is protected at all times. All agency information, professionally acquired, is held in confidence.