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The DSO CER is responsible for helping adults with developmental disabilities access services and supports in their communities. For those who live in the Central East Region, which includes the Regional Municipality of York, the Regional Municipality of Durham, Simcoe County, Peterborough County, Northumberland County, Haliburton County and the City of Kawartha Lakes, you can contact the DSO Central East Region, which is administered by York Support Services Network, at: 1-855-277-2121.

What Agencies Provide Funded Services and Supports?

We work with a variety of ministry-funded agencies to help connect you to services and supports. To check out our list of partner agencies, please visit dsontario.ca, and click on the DSO Central East Region tab.

Third Party Providers of Developmental Services in Ontario

You may choose to seek services from a third party service provider that is not funded by the government. Private, for-profit service providers are not funded by the government and therefore are not subject to ministry oversight, such as compliance inspections or service expectations that government-funded service providers must adhere to. 

Information on third party services providers is made available to assist you in making well-informed decisions about services and supports for adults with developmental disability, but they are not endorsed by the DSO or YSSN.

If you are seeking services from a third party provider, connect with them directly to see and understand what is being offerred. The following factors should be considered when assessing a private/for-profit services provider:

If you're not sure if the service provider is government-funded contact your DSO at 1-855-277-2121. 

The following resource information is sorted by region, alphabetically:

Durham Region

Education - Durham

Fee for service options - Private - Durham

Funding options - Durham

Housing options - Durham

Recreation options:

RAMP Program


Education - HKPR

Fee for service options - Private - HKPR

Housing Options - HKPR

York Region

Education - York Region

Fee for service options - Private - York Region

Housing Options - York Region

Simcoe County

Education - Simcoe

Fee for service options - Private - Simcoe

Fee for service options - Transfer Payment Agencies - Simcoe

Housing Options - Simcoe

Additional Resources


Inspiring Possibilities Estate Planning Guide





Passport Program

The Passport Program helps adults with a developmental disability be involved in their communities and live as independently as possible by providing funding for community participation services and supports, activities of daily living and person-directed planning. The program also provides funding for caregiver respite services and supports for primary caregivers of an adult with a developmental disability.

For full program guidelines, please click on the appropriate link below:

Passport Guidelines—English

Passport Guidelines—Chinese

Passport Guidelines—Punjabi

Passport Guidelines—Tamil

Passport Guidelines—Urdu


Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

The RDSP is a long-term savings plan that helps Canadians with disabilities and their families save for the future. Money in an RDSP earns interest tax-free until it is taken out of the plan.

The government makes contributions in the form of bonds to beneficiaries with low to modest family income, regardless of whether or not they contribute financially to their plan. It also provides grants based on matching contributions from private sources.

The government offers up to $20,000 in bonds and $70,000 in grants to eligible people.

These government contributions are paid into an RDSP until the year a beneficiary reaches 49 years of age. Any contribution to an RDSP has no impact on other federal benefits, such as the Canada Child Benefit, the Goods and Services Tax Credit, Old Age Security payments and Employment Insurance.

For an overview of the program, please click on the appropriate link below:

RDSP Factsheet—English

Régime enregistré d’épargne-invalidité (REEI) fiche d’information—Français

For full program information, please visit Canada.ca/RDSP