Respite for Families

YSSN hosts two services for families:

  1. Respite Access Facilitator
    A facilitator (worker) works with adults and their families to identify their respite needs, develops plans, and find the resources that are right for them.
  2. CHAP Program (Community Helpers for Active Participation):
    CHAP Program maintains a respite worker registry to assist families in hiring staff.

Why register with the CHAP Program?

Who can register?

How to register?

  1. Online:          
    It’s fast, it’s safe, and it’s secure!  Preferred!
  2. Paper: 
    If you don’t have internet access, we will accept paper registrations by fax or mail

How are CHAP workers screened?

CHAP workers have a range of skills and expertise.  Before being added to the CHAP Program registry, workers must meet a number of minimum criteria and submit documentation including:

Are CHAP workers employees of

CHAP workers are not employees of  They are self-employed, independent contractor respite workers, who are paid by the families/caregivers who hire them.

Contact CHAP Coordinator

240 Edward St, Unit 3
Aurora, ON   
L4G 3S9

Phone: 905-898-6455 ext. 2247
Fax: 905-898-1171